Manny the Micronator

A discarded microwave oven turns into a flying robot in this chapter book for young readers.

Through their adventures with Manny, the children who found him learn about different ways microwaves are used, including in radar technology, weather prediction, cell phones, and of course, for making popcorn! But what Manny really wants is a new family to cook for.

Can Carmen and Nick help him find a new home?


A wounded squirrel communicates telepathically with the children who adopt it in this chapter book based on scientific research about squirrel’s abilities.

The kids learn that squirrels make great  mental maps to hide their nuts, so they can also give you driving directions, or help build huge Lego cities.

They also gnaw all the time, so if you give them a chair, they might just think it’s a snack!

They’re fun-loving, too, and can hitch a ride in your backpack to school.

But they love their families just as humans do.

Soon, the kids decide to help Strawberry go home.