Comfort Zone

Funded by the Harmony Foundation of Newton, Massachusetts, this collection of poetry written during the COVID-19 pandemic testifies to the power of art to sustain and strengthen communities in extraordinary times.


Arianna Huffington called Materfamilias “a brave, thought-provoking, moving collection of poems,” and wrote that “Kimberly Gladman Jackson charts her inner journey as a woman, wife, and mother, and engages our senses with the way she experiences the world around her.

The personal indeed becomes universal in the hands of this gifted poet.”

The collection includes reflections on the joys and struggles of parenting and marriage, as well as the search for spiritual meaning and connection in a world torn by political conflict and war.

Completed while the author was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, it is also a record of creativity emerging from crisis.

Written in an accessible style that includes introductory biographical mini-stories about each poem, the collection is designed to engage any reader interested in its themes of healing and connection, as well as poetry fans. Ideal as a gift book.