Steve Adler-Golden* (Eyecollage) is an artist working in painting, collage, and mixed media, and a Ph.D. chemist.

Scott Axelrod*^ (Infinite Placeholder Regress) is a mathematician, physicist, and creative writer.

Chris Bohner^ ( πρᾶξις 30 and πρᾶξις 39) is a sculptor, photographer, and labor researcher.

Mary Buchinger (Cynosure) is a professor of English, the author of four poetry books, and the president of the New England Poetry Club.

Debra David* is a published poet and a member of the Newton Poetry Group.

Denise Freed*(The Hand and Faucet Duet) is a theoretical physicist and improvisational dance artist.

Ellen Fisher* (Yes Grandchildren) is a visual artist and the director of Newton Open Studios, a nonprofit which produces community art events.

Richard Fontes^ (Don’t Look Up) is a financial services professional, CFA Charterholder, and MBA candidate with a social impact focus.

Kimberly Gladman *^(multiple contributions) runs Tandeta Books.

Felix Hausdorff (Orgy) (1968-1942) was a polymath who made significant contributions to mathematical modernity as well as literary modernism.

Philip M. Jackson (A Parenting Epiphany) (tel: 617-394-8966) is a social worker and therapist in private practice in Newton, Massachusetts.

Eric Myrvaagnes* (Cover image, Cloud) is a photographer and retired professor of mathematics and computer science.

Naomi Myvraagnes* (Toward A Higher Order) is a poet, fiction writer, and literary scholar.

Greta Ode (multiple contributions) edits the Tandeta journal.

Hillary Sallick (Notes for January) is the author of two poetry books, an educator, and the vice-president of the New England poetry club.

Samuel Schrager^ (Remembering E.O. Wilson) is a financial industry professional with a master’s degree in environmental science.

Megan Schulz ^(Roots and Grass Grew In) directs communications for a non-profit focused on science education, and is a social impact MBA candidate concentrating on energy and environmental sustainability.

Ingrid Scheibler (The Saints Will All be Blue) is a visual artist, author, and former professor of philosophy.

Keith Tornheim* (e-PI-phany) is the author of five poetry books and a professor of biochemistry.

Nicola Welda (Tractatus) is the pseudonym of a reader of Wittgenstein.


* Contributors marked with an asterisk (*) are members of the Shir Hadash Reconstructionist havurah in Newton, Massachusetts.

^ Contributors marked with a caret (^) are members of the socially responsible or “ESG” investment movement in the United States.