Notes From January


Such a wide sky we live in
full of tints and lights

I was looking out the window
of the coffee shop
and writing in my notebook

A man eating lunch finished
his sandwich     came over to speak
to me

You have a very warm hat    he said
Are you writing about your hat?

Maybe      I said

What are you writing? he asked

Just taking notes

You write a poetry?


I have a gallery behind the cinema
inside my auto repair shop
It’s open 9 to 5
You can come     I’ll give you
tea and cookies

Are you an artist? I asked

Yes and I like
the poetry
I have lots of books
of Persian poetry

He left     I picture him back in his gallery
among the books and sculptures and
cars in need of repair

I imagine the cup of tea
between my hands     the
steam rising up
into clouds

~ Hilary Sallick ~