The Hand and Faucet Duet


The Hand and Faucet Duet (a video included below in the online version of this journal) is part of a series of improvisational dance videos called Everyday Terpsichore.Terpsichore is the Greek muse of dance, and the dances are inspired by everyday locations. They also often catch a fleeting moment in time. The Hand and Faucet Duet is truly a duet between the hand and the faucet. Without the hand, the water would not take on such a variety of shapes or fully catch the morning light. Without the faucet, the hand would find other movements to make. This video was based on a prompt to find a site with clear boundaries which has a component that moves and to pick a body part to be the main focus of the dance. Special thanks to Karen Bray and the other students in her site-specific dance classes.

~ Denise Freed ~