Scott Axelrod*^ (Mom’s Rainbow Inspiration & Goedel, Arrow) is a mathematician, physicist, and creative writer.

Beverly Bartos Burns (Ukrainian Embroidery) is a retired teacher, accomplished amateur retriever trainer, and world traveler.

Bella Cohen (Separation) is a pseudonym.

Denise Freed*(Lake Moods) is a theoretical physicist and improvisational dance artist.

Kimberly Gladman *^(multiple contributions) runs Tandeta Books.

Irene Kowal (Taras Shevchencko)is the author of three plays, two of which were produced in Kyiv at the National Theatre and Molodyj Theatre, and the autobiographical novel DISPLACED.

Sonia Kowal^ (Using a Scalpel not a Sledgehammer) is President of Zevin Asset Management, a wealth management firm devoted to a just and caring society and a healthy planet.

Naomi Myvraagnes* (To Celebrate My Father,  Figure) is a poet, fiction writer, and literary scholar.

Art Ode, Jr. ,1936-2018 (Tree Peddlers) was a writer and conservationist; a non-profit manager of botanical gardens, arboreta, and historic places; and a horticulture and landscape consultant.

Greta Ode edits the Tandeta Journal.

Anne Seiler (Juxtapositions) is a Clinical Psychologist working in private practice and Indian Health.

Steve Sexsmith (Cover image, Wheat Fields) is a science teacher, lover of nature, world traveler, and photographer of things.


*Contributors marked with an asterisk are members of the Shir Hadash Reconstructionist havurah in Newton, Massachusetts.

^Contributors marked with a carrot-mark are members of the socially responsible or “ESG” investment movement in the United States.