Woman of Will

When 18-year-old Jane Eyre graduates from a charity school for poor girls and goes to work for wealthy Edward Rochester, she discovers a man who’s brilliant, domineering, and charismatic, yet moody and deeply troubled. Rochester, for his part, finds Jane fascinating:  he’s never met a woman of such passionate intelligence, quick wit, and independent spirit. In a series of intense conversations, a strong attraction between them begins to grow; but in England in the 1800s, men as rich as he is are supposed to choose wives from their own class, and sex outside of marriage is taboo. As time goes on, they both begin to wonder: can they defy the rules of their society, defeat the demons of his past, and find their way to a passionate union of soulmates’ hearts and minds?

Jane Eyre was first created by Charlotte Bronte in 1847, writing under the masculine pseudonym Currer Bell. This modern retelling of the story adapts Bronte’s text to be more accessible to modern readers, and expands on the psychological, emotional and erotic dimensions of the heroine’s experience with the introduction of new scenes. A discussion guide for book groups is included, making this edition a great way to explore a classic story with friends.