Droste Effect


This dance is based on the famous illustration on tins of Droste cocoa powder. In that image, a nurse in a big white wimple is holding a tray that contains a cup of hot chocolate and a tin of Droste cocoa powder. This tin is the same as the original one, with a smaller picture of the nurse holding a tray with hot chocolate and a Droste cocoa-powder tin. The Droste effect is named after this illustration and describes pictures that recursively repeat by containing smaller and smaller version of themselves. In the dance, the Droste effect also describes the comforting effect of the hot chocolate. It contrasts the angular lines of the wimple and somewhat severe-looking nurse with the reassurance of being cared for by the nurse and the warmth and comfort of the mug of hot chocolate.

See the video below or at: https://youtu.be/CRHxJXxAbdM.

~ Denise Freed ~